Call for proposals

Call for proposals extended! Submit your proposal by February 27, 2017

Potential presentation formats

Note that all presentations are 30 minutes in length. However, if you have a topic which you believe would benefit from having both a full presentation and a hands-on component, you may request a double session, which will run for 60 minutes.

Presentation on pedagogy

A traditional presentation format, with speaker and projected content. The presenter might discuss a variety of topics, such as implementing a technology into a traditional face-to-face course; transitioning traditional elements to an online format (such as discussions, group projects, etc); or simply trying something new, like teaching a hybrid or blended course. What worked? What might you do differently next time? Presentations in this format should run 20-25 minutes to allow time for audience questions. 

Demonstration of a technology

This presentation format focuses on how to use a particular technology, with a brief summary of how and why it was implemented. Most audience members will have devices with them, so hands-on exercises could work well. Presentations in this format should plan to run 20-25 minutes in length to allow time for audience questions.

Roundtable discussion

A seminar-style session. The presenter will act as moderator, spending 5-10 minutes introducing the topic and his or her interest in or experience with it. Then, he or she will moderate a discussion with the audience. The full discussion will run 30 minutes. Some example discussion topics may include: best evaluation techniques for online discussions, facilitating active online discussions, best practices in flipping the classroom, adding engagement to face-to-face courses.

Panel discussion

Two to three presenters might discuss their experiences around a topic for 20-25 minutes total, allowing a few minutes for audience questions at the end of the presentation. Panel members should all have experiences surrounding one topic which is discussed throughout the session. Some examples may include integrating polling in the face-to-face classroom, designing an online or hybrid course, or using a specific tool such as VoiceThread or Google Docs. 

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