eLearning Conference 2015

Tony Picciano

Keynote speaker Dr. Tony Picciano

2015 Rutgers University–Camden Faculty eLearning Conference


Our second annual Rutgers University–Camden Faculty eLearning Conference took place on Tuesday, April 28, 2015. This year was bigger and better, with multiple tracks and expanded themes, including not only online and hybrid teaching, but also new technologies in the classroom and teaching live to distance students. 

The 2015 faculty advisory council included: Cindy Ayres, Nursing; Stuart Charmé, FAS Philosophy & Religion; Bill Fitzgerald, TMAC and FAS English; Dan Hart, FAS Psychology; Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, SBC Marketing; and Kwangwon Lee, FAS Biology.

Conference agenda

Tuesday, April 28, 2015, Campus Center MPR

Download printable agenda (PDF)Download printable program with presentation descriptions (PDF)

Time Online/hybrid track
Classroom technology track
South BC
08:00-09:00 Registration/interactive Padlet session
09:00-09:10 Welcome from Rayman Solomon
09:15-09:35 Tim Knievel (Political Science)
Flipping the classroom
Janice Beitz (Nursing)
Engaging students with classroom technology
09:40-10:00 Sarah Allred (Psychology)
Empowering students with iPads for team-based learning
Meredith Bak (Childhood Studies)
New ways to think about writing with Twine
10:05-10:25 James Genone (Philosophy)
Teaching a hybrid class
Georgia Arbuckle (Chemistry)
Encouraging the active classroom
10:30-10:50 Lisa Zeidner (English)
Constructing meaning in online discussion
Sunil Shende (Computer Science)
Enhancing classroom presentation with iPad apps
10:55-11:15 Interactive session: Engage your classroom students with free student polling apps Steve Pyser (Business)
Learning by doing: the “pracademics” model of teaching Millennials
11:20-11:40 Carol Kaufman-Scarborough(Marketing)
Things I wish I’d thought of when developing my first online class
Kim Mutcherson (Law)
Teaching across the campus divide
11:45-12:05 Panel: Stuart Charmé and MALS grad students (Religion)
Faculty & student perspectives on online learning
Próspero Garcia (Spanish)
Enhancing learning objectives and critical thinking through ePortfolios and social media
12:10-01:25 Lunch/Keynote
Dr. Tony Picciano, The online learning landscape: implications for teaching & learning
01:25-02:05 Panel: Jim Brown, Robert Emmons, Michael Russo (Digital Studies)
Cultivating nonlinear expression in Digital Studies
Twine interactive session (led by Digital Studies Center)
02:10-02:30 Panel: Keith Green (English), Melissa Yates (Philosophy), Ben Panter (Fine Arts)
Changing modalities: from the classroom to online
Patricia Ojea (Political Science)
Making group projects meaningful: gamifying student success
02:35-02:55 Dana Pilla (Spanish)
Hearing the student voice: engagement and interactivity in an online course
Charlene Mires (History)
Building digital bridges between research and teaching
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