eLearning Conference 2016

April 7, 2016

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Session Online/Hybrid Tech in F2F Courses Roundtable Discussions Stedman Gallery
8:30-9:00 Registration and light breakfast
Campus Center Lobby & Multipurpose Room
9:00-9:15 Welcoming remarks, Provost Mike Palis
Campus Center Multipurpose Room
Room  Multipurpose Room  South BC  Exec Meeting Room

1: 9:20-9:50

Using technology to promote social learning
Presenters: Cynthia Ayres, Mary Wunnenberg
Implementing EHR into nursing curricula
Presenters: Gina Galosi, Genevieve Turner
Bringing online resources into the online classroom
Moderator: Holly Ricker
Pedagogy (Intermediate) Pedagogy (Beginner) Roundtable Discussion (Intermediate)

2: 9:55-10:25

Humanities in Action: How Online Humanities Courses Transformed My Students from Passive to Active Learners
Presenter: Lee Ann Westman
Using Technology to Improve Deaf Students’ Writing
Presenter: Ellen Hernandez
Hearing from every learner: Using online discussions to augment your face-to-face courses
Moderator: Carol Kaufman-Scarborough
Pedagogy (Beginner) Pedagogy (Beginner) Roundtable Discussion (Beginner)

3: 10:30-11:00

Creating a culture of learning online: assessment and feedback to promote student success
Presenter: Christie DeCarolis
Utilizing Office Mix as an Asynchronous Learning Platform
Presenter: Ethan Kinory
The Distance Education Users Group at Camden County College:  Past, Present and Future
Moderators: Martine Howard, Nancy Raftery
Pedagogy (Beginner) Demonstrating tech (Beginner) Roundtable Discussion (Beginner)

4: 11:05-11:35

Making Managers – Practiced Skills Online
Presenter: Tim Perlick
Newsroom in the Classroom
Presenter: Annie C. Humphrey
Creating and managing lecture videos with Kaltura
Presenter: William Pagán
Teaching Coding and Writing With Electronic Literature
Presenter: Jim Brown
Pedagogy (Intermediate) Pedagogy (Beginner) Demonstrating tech (Beginner)

5: 11:40-12:10

Asynchronous Groups: What Works and What Does Not
Presenter: Michelle Harkins
Using publisher-provided technologies to enhance online and face to face learning
Presenter: Allyson Meloni Scavuzzo
Critiques/peer reviews in online courses
Moderator: Ken Hohing
Teaching Coding and Writing With Electronic Literature: A Matter of Bits Exhibition exploration
Pedagogy (Intermediate) Pedagogy (Intermediate) Roundtable Discussion (Beginner) Demonstrating tech (Beginner)

6: 1:20-1:50

Experiential Learning in Biology
Presenter: Kwangwon Lee
Flipped classroom with distance technology: an experiment
Presenter: Sunil Shende
Introduction to Canvas
Presenter: Emily Corse
Methods of Digital Storytelling
Presenter: Robert Emmons
Pedagogy (Beginner) Demonstrating tech (Beginner) Demonstrating tech (Beginner)

7: 1:55-2:25

Onboarding in a Blended Learning Elementary Algebra Course
Presenter: Lester Owens
Yes, I Tweet While I Lecture: How Social Media Can Engage (Not Distract) My Students
Presenter: Stephen Danley
Independence, Innovation, and Application in Senior Capstone
Presenter: Gail Caputo
Methods of Digital Storytelling: A Matter of Bits Exhibition exploration
Pedagogy (Beginner) Pedagogy (Beginner) Demonstrating tech (Intermediate) Pedagogy (Beginner)

8: 2:30-3:00

Teaching online with the Canvas LMS
Presenters: Jennifer Kay, Emily Corse
Using In-Class Video to Improve Teaching
Presenter: Bill Whitlow
Voicethread: Using technology to build community and increase proficiency
Presenter: Dana Pilla
 Pedagogy (Beginner) Pedagogy (Beginner)  Demonstrating tech (Beginner)
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